Friday, March 16, 2007

Interview Well

Lifehacker, one of my very favorite websites, has a pretty good article from Yahoo Finance up on how to ace a job interview.  The Brazen Careerist has this tip:
An interview isn't an improvisation -- it's a rehearsed performance. And it's no mystery what the most common interview questions are, so prepare you answers. Even if you end up fielding a question you didn't anticipate, surely a version of one the 50 answers you did prepare will work with the surprise question.

You can practice with a friend, or you can go back to your college counseling office, which will probably help you out no matter where you are in your career. But Alexandra Levit at Water Cooler Wisdom recommends using InterviewTrue to practice on video.

Practice makes perfect.  This article, while geared towards the youthful set (for example, "Stop stressing about your MySpace page"), a lot of the advice here translates well to any job seeker.  Practice does make perfect.  Knowing your audience is still important.  Keep that tips and others mentioned in the article in mind whether you are in a meeting room with your future boss and her team of ten, or are interviewing with a executive headhunter based in Chicago.


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